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Massive Destruction

The Bath Blitz

Houses and shops were destroyed in the raids. Here at Lansdown Place East... ...and here the Francis Hotel, Queen Square Cultural landmarks, like the Assembly Rooms on Alfred Street were hit... Cultural landmarks were hit, here on Victoria Road, while others were lucky to escape. Fires caused more damage, seen here at Elm Grove Terrace... ...and many people lost everything they owned.

During the Second World War German aircraft repeatedly bombed British towns and cities.  In April 1942 it was Bath’s turn to be hit. More than 19,000 buildings were destroyed or damaged by the waves of Luftwaffe planes. Over 400 people lost their lives.

Today, unlike cities such as Coventry or Dresden, there is almost no sign of this destructive period in the city’s history.

This video slideshow shows the damage caused to some well known streets and sights in Bath; Lansdown Place East and the Francis Hotel on Queen Square, the Assembly Rooms on Alfred Street, Victoria Road, Elm Grove Terrace and Kingsmead Street.

A memorial to the residents and visitors who died in the bombing was unveiled in 2003. 


Images: Copyright Bath Records Office - PX602/Blitz1, PX602/Blitz2, PX602/Blitz3, PX602/Blitz4, PX602/Blitz5, PX602/Blitz6

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