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The Taunton Inventor

The Amazing Dynasphere

The Dynasphere had ten outer hoops, covered with a leather lining. The Dynasphere never managed to replace the conventional motor car. The driver’s seat and wheels were mounted on wheels inside the outer hoop. J.A. Purves testing the Dynasphere in his garden.

Dr J. A. Purves was born in Taunton, 1870, and studied engineering at Edinburgh University.

Inspired by a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci, he came up with the Dynasphere – an extraordinary vehicle in which the driver and passenger sat inside a giant wheel.

The Dynasphere was tested at Brooklands Race Track and Brean Sands, near Weston-super-Mare. Patented in 1930, it proved to be unstable, difficult to brake and nearly impossible to steer.


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