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A Whistle-stop tour

Regional landmarks

From horses to devils

The Wiltshire White Horse, near Bratton camp Iron Age hill fort The Sedgemoor Tor seen on the horizon, around 1900 Cheddar Gorge, around 1930 The 'Devil's Chapel' limestone outcrops, Forest of Dean City of Wells from the air - the second smallest city in the UK St James' Church, Devizes around 1900

The South West region has extraordinary buildings, geography and historical sites.  People have been drawing and photographing them for hundreds of years.

These landmarks create a unique sense of history, identity and place.

Have you ever found something whilst out walking the countryside? Are you a keep metal-detectorist? Let us know what you've uncovered by following this link.


Images: Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre - p44380. South West Heritage Trust - A.DSJ.58.  Wells & Mendip Museum - 1995-21-002_Cheddar_Pre WW2 postcard, Dean Heritage Centre - Landscape 1986-146-1404,  Wiltshire Museum - Postcard St James Church Devizes

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