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Change and Continuity in Bath

Bath streets

Green Park Station, 1960s George Street, 1930s Northgate Street, 1930s Stothert factory workers, 1940s Some of Bath's streets, such as The Circus, are almost unchanged... ...except for the cleaning.

Many of Bath’s most famous buildings date from its heyday as a health spa in the 1700s.   Although work, transport and shops have changed since then, many of the streets are little altered.

Over time the beautiful Bath stone buildings were stained with the soot and grime of city life and by the 1960s they were a far cry from their original appearance. Air pollution from vehicle traffic had stained the famous the stones black.

Over the last forty years the stones have undergone comprehensive cleaning, especially since the 1980s, to restore them to former Georgian glory.


Images:  Copyright Bath Records Office - PX164, PX286, PX602_212, PX131; WikiCommons - Bath_Circus - Clean

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