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Stothert & Pitt Factory

Victoria Bridge Road, Bath

Workers leaving the Stothert & Pitt Factory, Bath A Stothert & Pitt, block-setting crane

Many people think of Bath as a city of Georgian terraces but for centuries it has also been a hive of industry.

During the 20th century, Stothert & Pitt were one of the world most successful manufacturers of cranes.

Two revolutionary inventions where key to their success: In 1912 they introduced a level-luffing crane that kept the hook at the same height as goods are moved.

Then in 1927 they introduced the first bulk-handling crane which uses a grabber mechanism instead of a simple hook.

By the 1950s this factory was the biggest employer in Bath with around 2,300 employees.


Images: Bristol Records Office – BRO PX602_212, Wikicommons - Stothert_&_Pitt,_block-setting_crane_(Wonder_Book_of_Engineering_Wonders,_1931)

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