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Arts Workshop & Fringe

Creativity in Bath

The Bath Arts Workshop Headquarters at Walcot Street in 1977 Poster for Walcot Village Hall Comtek Festival 1974 In 1974 the Bath Arts Workshop arranged ‘The Last Festival’ which wasn’t its last In 1979 the workshop arranged for Walcot Street to declare independence from Bath Bath’s Famous Natural Theatre Company performers in Holland 2013

Bath’s art galleries, museums and unique venues offer a fascinating range of exhibitions that run throughout the year.

In 1970, inspired by the success of the Arts Lab in London’s Drury Lane, Phil Sheppard set up the Bath Arts Workshop (BAW) in the basement of a house in Lansdown Road, Bath. 

The Workshop acted as a venue for poetry readings, arts shows, theatre, music and other kinds of new cultural activity, later moving to Walcot Street.

The Workshop evolved into the Bath Fringe Festival – the second largest cultural festival in the country after the Edinburgh Fringe.


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