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In Loving Memory

The Maclaine Memorial Fountain, a local landmark

Fountain & Fire Station

In 1880, Hector Maclaine was fighting in Afghanistan at the Battle of Maiwand. He was captured after the battle while he was searching for water to give to his thirsty, wounded men.

Soon afterwards General Roberts executed his famous 313 mile march from Kabul to Kandahar, but at the point that his soldiers were entering the enemy camp where Maclaine was held, an Afghan guard slit the young prisoner’s throat. 

The news of his cold-blooded murder was received locally with great sadness and the outrage was reported widely in British newspapers.

Queen Victoria sent her condolences to his family and also requested a photograph of the young officer.

Local people set up a fund for a memorial stained glass window to be put in St Mary’s Church. People gave generously and at the family’s suggestion, the money left over was used to provide a drinking fountain, a fitting memorial for Hector.


Images: Thornbury & District Museum - Fountain & Fire Station 1, Fountain & Fire Station 2, Fountain & Fire Station 3, Fountain & Fire Station 4, Fountain & Fire Station 5

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