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Wish you were here

A Visit to Bristol, 1910

Like many of us today, Edwardian tourists liked to send postcards home describing where they had visited on holiday.

This postcard was posted by Irene to her friend Katie at 4.10pm on 6th July 1910. Clifton Promenade was a popular walking spot on the Downs. The card reads:

"Dear Katie –

I am enjoying myself fine here. I wish you were here to see the shops - they are lovely. The sales are on now and everything is so cheap, you can get a lawn dress for 5/-. They don't show anything like they do at Neath but good things.


(We have an old woman here and she has soft brain. She says such silly things.)"


Images Copyright: Clifton Suspension Bridge Trust - DSC_0008, DSC_0006

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