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Royal Plantpots

The Royal Potteries

Building brick marked Royal Potteries, Weston-super-Mare, c.1900 The Original Potteries, Weston-super-Mare, 1882 Small statue of a sleeping lion, made at the Royal Potteries A horse and cart with large crate of pottery bound for Grenada,  1885 Clay money box made by K. Granger, in his spare time c1948

The Royal Potteries began in 1836 as two established names the Weston-super-Mare Brick and Tile Manufactory and Serle & Co, both located on Locking Road. 

In 1850 they were bought by Charles Phillips and under his management branched out from conventional brick and tile manufacture into flowerpots and garden ornaments.

The potteries became world renowned famous for their work and supplied began supplying the Royal Parks and Kew Gardens, keeping them in business until the 1960s.


Images: Copyright South West Heritage Trust – WESTM,1993.202_Shot2, WESTM.1999.191.5, WESTM.1975.31_Shot3, WESTM.1999.17, WESTM.1975.68_Shot1

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