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800 years of practice...

Donyatt Pottery

Donyatt eathenware puzzle jug, with sgrafitto decoration, 1802 Donyatt money box, hen and thirteen chicks in nest, inscribed: Willie Anning 1933 Unusual slipware urinal dated 1794 Classic example of functional Donyatt Jug Case bottle style jug typical of Donyatt pottery

The village of Donyatt, in Somerset, made pottery for 800 years from medieval to modern times, starting in the 12th century.

Following the Norman invasion, growing settlements meant more people needing pots, and Donyatt met this demand.

The potteries were known for their conservative style - many techniques of design, decoration and manufacture changed little over the centuries.

You can find examples in museums all over the country today.

Images: Copyright South West Heritage Trust – 85-1999-9, 55-2008-3, 108-2005, 511855-2008-2

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