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Canals, caves and good air

Health and enjoyment

A British Railway poster from the 1960s advertising Somerset and the West Country. Busy shopping street in Taunton, c.1910. The Pump Rooms at Bath,1925. Tourist postcard from Cheddar Gorge Caves, 20th century. Visitors at the Grand Pier, Weston-super-Mare, in the 1950s.

The West Country has tempted tourists for centuries, and improvements in rail transport made it even easier to explore.

Medical tourists flocked to Bath seeking a cure from its health-giving waters.  

For the more adventurous, the cave systems of Cheddar Gorge lay waiting to be explored from 1898 when they were opened to the public by entrepreneur Richard Cox Gough.

Western-Super-Mare became a popular seaside resort for tourists arriving from the whole of England to take the sea air.

They sent postcards back to family and friends recording their travels.


Images: Copyright South West Heritage Trust - DD\FIV/1/6, A\DRY/2/63, A\DFA/1b, A\DFA/1a, A\AOW/31

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